If you've joined the VIP Club, you've likely seen the pick system in your member's area. Also, you'll be getting a free white VIP pick in the mail with your welcome letter. 

You've heard the saying "Guitar playing is a journey", right? And it's true... because no matter where you're at as a guitar player, there's always room for you to grow and expand your knowledge.

The thing is, you've already made the commitment by becoming a VIP Club member.

You've shown us you're an action-taker, so we're celebrating your commitment to playing guitar with a guitar pick each month, to represent your progress.

Here's How It Works...

You've seen Karate belt grading, right?... White belt, Yellow belt, Orange belt and so on... Well, I'm sure you can see where this journey is taking you...

Here's a hint: We’re walking you by the hand, every-step-of-the-way so you become a ‘black-belt’ guitar player).

As you continue on your journey we'll be rewarding you with different colored picks inside your member’s area to represent your progress with your guitar playing.

And once you reach gold pick status, you’ll be able to claim your framed award!