Guitar Mastery Method does not currently have any lessons specifically for left-handed players.

What we do have, is 100's of left-handed guitar players gaining massive results with their playing using the lessons we have from our professional guitar instructors!

You have 2 options when starting to learn as a left-handed guitar player.

1. Start to learn right-handed:

- It's the left hand that actually does most of the intricate work on the fretboard, so a left-handed player using their strong hand on the fretboard can actually pick up speed and accuracy a lot faster than a right-handed player.

2. Just mirror the instructor:

- As a left-handed player, you are a perfect mirror image of the instructor in front of you, so you can follow along a lot easier than another right-handed player who has to watch the instructor play on a different angle!

Another thing to consider is chord and tab notation:

- Most lefties choose to transcribe and transpose right-handed notation into left-handed notation. This actually helps you increase your retention and musical reading skill. 

If you have any other questions about our lessons, just reach out to the support crew :-)