If you've just joined us, you would've been sent an email with your login details to the email address you entered when you signed up.

*The main reason members don't get their login details is that there's a typo in the email address that was entered on the order form. This means we weren't able to get your details off to you.

If you can't find the email, here's a couple of steps to find it:

1. Search for the email in your inbox, the subject is: [IMPORTANT] Your GMM Login Details 

2. Because these passwords come from an automated system, it may end up in your spam, junk or promotional folders, so check them out too.

3. A lot of members who use PayPal have a different email address linked to their PayPal account, and your login details may have been sent there.

If you've gone through these steps and still can't find your login details,  

Send a support ticket or an email with your full name and what course you grabbed to support@guitarmasterymethod.com.

We'll get your details to you ASAP!