With so many lessons, it can be hard to track where you are in a course, especially if you are attacking more than one at a time!

That's why our team designed a progress tracker to keep you, well... on track! ;-)

Below are screenshots to show you how to keep track of your progress through a course:

1. As soon as you have finished a lesson, and feel confident to move on, you can click the 
'Mark Lesson Complete' button beneath each video lesson.

2. As you continue to mark lessons as complete, the sidebar will record your progress.

The 'Progress Bar' will start to fill in green, showing how far you have made it through the course. Also, the 'Course Navigation' list will mark all completed lessons with a green tick.

3. On your Member's Area Dashboard, there is a 'My Courses' section where you can view all of the courses you have access to.

Each course has a progress bar and course status which will let you know the percentage of the course you have completed so far.

The 'Resume Course' button, shown in green, allows you to go right back to the lesson you were last on, making sure you kick right off to where you last left :-)