The first thing to do is make sure your browser is up to date, we recommend using Google Chrome on all devices as it works best with the member's area.

Download Google Chrome free here:


Charlie's recorded a video for you to help you get the best experience possible:

If you're still having trouble, here is some more information below:

Our video lessons are hosted by Vimeo Pro to ensure we can always deliver HD video lessons that play smoothly. If you're having issues playing videos with us, this list of issues and resolutions on the Vimeo website will definitely get you sorted out:

And of course, if this all seems a little confusing...

Not a problem at all!

Send us a support message here or to and we will get you sorted from there ;-)

Below are 2 screenshots to help with the audio and video playback on your video lessons:

1. Audio:

 If you open a video lesson and there's no sound, the volume may be set to 0. 

Click higher up the control bar to turn the volume up, or you can click-and-drag the bar up also.

2. Video: 

If you're experiencing buffering with your lessons, you can control the quality of the video by clicking the 'Gear' button on the playback bar.

The player will automatically try and play the video at the highest resolution possible. If you don't have a strong internet connection or are using data to stream your lessons, you can lower the resolution here.

Choosing a lower resolution will help your video play and run faster and more smoothly and will also use less data. The video and audio will still look and sound great, even when streaming on 360p :-)